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SeaMoss key Points 2023

CRS SeaMoss Gel & Herbal Teas

92 Minerals Out of the 102 minerals needed in the body, When the body is looking for balance, Seamoss mixed with fresh fruit, herbs & alkalized water, is the best medicine!

Seamoss gives aid to IBS, Crohn’s, Thyroid dis-ease, ulcerative colitis. Promotes a healthy brain, eye & heart function. Carries probiotics, beneficial bacteria, promotes good gut health, reduces gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea.

Seamoss has...

● Magnesium

● Manganese

● Calcium

● Potassium

● Iodine

● Iron

● Amino acids

● Zinc

● Copper

● Selenium

● vitamins E, C, A, B12, B, B2, B9

Consuming Seamoss daily helps the whole body with various present ailments & dis-easaes. Seamoss definitely is worth your research and time!

Things to do daily...

1. Daily sweat/workouts keep the blood flowing

2. Drink your water all day, keeps the blood balanced

3. Eat your seamoss & eat according to your blood type.

This will help avoid unwanted sickness in the body as well as flush mucus & toxins out the body. Thyroid needs support from the immune system, Seamoss gives an abundance of iodine, iron, selenium to support hormone production. This small little organ contains the most iodine than any other organ in the entire body. Seamoss contains 3 key ingredients for thyroid hormones - DI-Iodothyronine (DIT), Thyroxin (T4), Triiodothyronine (T3) helps to balance thyroid function for Hyper/Hypothyroidism. The 2nd best natural treatment for the thyroid is the left and right foot...walk!


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