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Moon cycle monthly time.

Take this time and pay close attention to the moon, as above so below, find out when is your strong days are during the days in the month, as well as your weak days. Find the permission with in yourself to rest, shower, eat, cry and move as needed. Seamoss can aid the body during this time of the month, giving supporting vitamins and 92 minerals to comfort your body for the monthly purge. When the body cramps from heavy period blood with heavy toxins smells and pains, take notice of your diet. If smelling like a pineapple seems like heaven, then eating "pork chop sandwiches or Doritos" wont help. Consuming lots of leafy greens like "Bok Choy" and fruits with seamoss gel will give your vagina and keep the reproductive track on track. Workout daily or stretch with yoga/Pilates when too sore, drink plenty of water....Give whatever liquid that you are drinking daily to a plant, if the plant lives then your daily liquids are approved by the body, BUT should that plant just kill over please take note of the damage and think more about water based liquids. Sweat as often as you can, working out but not sweating from the skin glands will cause a blockage and what's blocked will cause a build up and what build up's tend to explode. Eat according to your blood type, look up the foods related to your blood type group. Reach out for any health talk and lets journey together on this rock...CRS


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